Slendercraft is sort of like a remake of the unoffical TF2 Slender mod. This fanmade gamemode basically starts like this: You wake up in this strrrange area not knowing anything. You must find the specific item in order to escape. (some maps have pages, Keys, Gas Cans etc.) So far we have a ton of horrorific and somewhat random enemies that can stalk you throughout the place.

How to play: If I pick some players they are thrown into the actual map and I select a random enemy that I take control of and try to kill you with. (for example I may throw you into "SCP 087B" and you have to avoid The Weeping  Angel) If you are not picked you can do PVP inside the PVP arena that I built inside of your average club. *NO MODS ARE REQUIRED

Bosses: the bosses may be one of the following: Stalker, Chaser, Eye Contact Required and Motionless. Stalkers such as Slenderman can kill you just by looking at you. When I stare at the player I teleport towards them and they die by the instant kill weapon that most bosses carry around. Chasers such as Screamar of course chase you throughout the map. Some bosses have music playing while they chase you (the music comes from the compouter that is close by so its sort of like micspam). Eye Contact Required such as SCP 173 is self explanatory. If eye contect is broken I rush the player and kill them. Motionless such as Guardian stands completely still and will only kill the player if they're close enough. These bosses are very easy to avoid just stay away from them.

That is just about it.